Igarashi’s Magnum Opus

I was quite amazing news recently when Koji Igarashi asked if fans wanted a new game in the style of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Fans responded in droves showing support for Igarashi’s vision to do this type of game when Konami wouldn’t. Not only did the fans say “Yes, we want to play what you have on offer,” but they also showed it with cold hard cash. As of this blog post the project has 20 days to go on Kickstarter and it has gained over $2.6 million!

The game in question is called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. I know a number of gamers personally that have given some of their hard earned cash to Iga’s game. I, myself, not being one of them, but I’ll gladly purchase the game once it’s released to show my support. In fact, I know I’ll be buying the version for the PlayStation 4 that’s going to be released into retail stores on disc. Team Hardcopy for the win!

I’m a big fan of Igavania games. I enjoyed the initial classic in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and going so far as to give it my Game of the Year award for 2014. On episode 52 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast, we chatted awhile about out favorite Castlevania games. Mine, in addition to SotN, were Aria of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin. Add to those Super Castlevania IV and Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest from the “classic-vania” titles and you have my top five all-time favorites of the entire series.

Get hyped because you don’t see games like this anymore!

Interviews with Igarashi:
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From GBA to DS

After playing through a total of six games on the Game Boy Advance, I decided to do a similar thing, but instead on the DS. I chose four random games to play and they are: Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, Steal Princess, and Kirby: Mass Attack.

But first an update on the last GBA game played…

The objective of Wario Land 4 is to help Wario get rich quick. The game is structured in four groups of four levels with a boss and the end of each. You can only fight the boss once four pieces of a gem are found in each of the levels within that group. After beating all of them can you then face off against the game’s final boss. It’s not the most difficult game Nintendo has ever produced, but at least half the bosses will give you some trouble. Wario Land 4 isn’t something I’ve heard much talk about over the years since its 2001 release, but it is worth your time.

The first of the DS games I’m tackling from the list above is Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. It’s not a puzzle platformer. This game is a puzzle game and a platformer at the same time! The top screen is the platforming and the bottom screen is where the puzzles happen. Switching between them on the fly is as simple as pressing the X button. Both are fun in their own right and each effect one another. Defeated enemies are vanquished to the puzzle screen where you must clear them off. If they get to the top they will attack once again. Power ups can be acquired which also go to the puzzle screen. If cleared they will allow you to have it on the platforming screen. It all works much better than it first seems. A recommended DS title if you’re looking for one.


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Sword of Osiris

If you’ve been keeping up with what I’ve been playing as of recently, then you know I’ve been focusing on playing games on the Game Boy Advance. I previously played Power Rangers Time Force and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 to varying outcomes. This time I played CT Special Forces, Gunstar Super Heroes, and The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris.

I was introduced to CT Special Forces with the sequel about 11 years ago. Since then I had picked up the first game and finally got around to playing it. The look of the game graphically reminded me of the Metal Slug series by SNK. It has quite the lengthy levels and some interesting variety in gameplay. Other than running and gunning you’ll also pilot a chopper in vertical shoot-’em-up stages, parachute and try to stick the landing, and sniper sequences. All are fun small diversions from the main activity of getting to and defeating the boss of each level.

Gunstar Super Heroes is the GBA sequel to the Treasure classic on the Genesis released 12 years after. If you’re familiar with either of these games then you’ll know what the other has in store because they’re roughly the same. My problem with Gunstar Super Heroes was the dice rolling section late in the game where it’s like a board game and it selects what you fight against. I had gotten to a point where I couldn’t get to the end of the board. I just kept rolling badly and going around in a circle. If it wasn’t for this section I would’ve been happy to finish it. A fantastic game otherwise.

Final game is the movie-based The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris. It’s much better than its console counterpart of 2002. WayForward handled the development and it shows. Just like Treasure, WayForward makes high quality titles. While this game is a basic side scroller, this Scorpion King game does what it does well. Like with CT Special Forces above, The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris has very long stages, but once you get the skills it becomes much easier. An unexpectedly fun game such as this comes recommended.


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Hart & Usagi Podcast #63: Game Boy Advance

On this episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome back Dan (first time since ep. 52) to chat about the Game Boy Advance along with other news items as per usual. All this plus your feedback!

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* Game Boy Advance

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The Collection Grows

Several weeks old purchases are finally being shown off. These are the Disney movie based on a stage play and the last of two import games I was waiting on. I give to you Into the Woods and Kamen Rider: Battride War on PS3, respectively.

My total movie collection is at 252. 30% (or 76) of them are Blu-ray.

On the other side my total video game collection is at 978. 15.64% (or 153) are on the PlayStation 3. Only the PS2 bests it by less than 20.

If you’d like to be in the running for our digital movie contest which includes Into the Woods, then please check out Hart & Usagi Podcast or Space Suplex below.


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Complete In Box Fridays: Gunstar Super Heroes

This week’s featured game is Gunstar Super Heroes for the Game Boy Advance. It’s the Treasure developed 2005 follow up to their 1993 Genesis classic, Gunstar Heroes.

I’d previously played the Genesis prequel in 2011 and I thought it was as fun as it was ever claimed to be. I’ll be playing the GBA sequel very soon.

In August 2007 I was able to obtain a copy of Gunstar Super Heroes for under $10. Today, as of this blog post, it’ll run you $26 for a complete in box copy.

Check out the gallery below and be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them for a closer look.

Catch ya later!




Space Suplex Podcast #18: Get Extreme!

It’s the the show after the 1st anniversary show of Space Suplex! We chat about Extreme Rules, Goldberg, a new TNA creative team, and our King of the Ring predictions.

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* Extreme Rules 2015
* LAW April 25 Update – Bill Goldberg Will Wrestle Again
* Billy Corgan Joins TNA Wrestling Creative Team

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