Halloween Comes Early

As you know, I’ve been playing Dragon’s Crown for the last two weeks. As I usually do in games with a lot more skills to obtain than skill points to spend, I’ve spread out the skills acquired for my Amazon that I’m now nowhere near ready to take on the last two bosses or the final boss. The Chimera and Red Dragon are those two bosses who have the final two talismans. Unfortunately, they both force you to exit the stage before they are defeated if you don’t finish them off fast enough.

At 15 hours and 48 minutes of gameplay my level is currently 28 and I’m not dying to take the time to level up to compensate for the bad skill decisions I made. This is fine by me as I’m ready to get into the Halloween spirit early. And by early I mean this also includes starting Dark Souls for my annual Halloween game playing event.

Thanks for reading this quick update. A new Hart & Usagi Podcast episode will be recording this Friday with a brand new guest. So that’s something to look forward to.


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4 responses to “Halloween Comes Early

  1. No! I will not allow you to give up! Join up with me (the best elf in the land) and perhaps I can rope in RivalShadeX (the best wizard in the land). We’ll help drag your ample ass across the finish line in no time!

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