Complete In Box Fridays: Shadow of the Ninja

What’s this? A fifth Complete In Box Friday without one missed? I’m the man! That’s right this is CIB Friday number five. If you missed any, first, shame on you, but most importantly you can still read them! Check out Axelay, Castlevania Double Pack, Lords of Thunder, and the special, The Perils of Having┬áStandards, to catch up.

Today I give to you the NES classic Shadow of the Ninja. This platforming gem from Natsume was something my brother and I stumbled upon during our childhood. The movie rental stores in the 1980s were filled with cheap ninja films to the excitement of many at the time. Of course, ninjas are cool, and this was solely the reason we picked this game up back then. Remember there wasn’t any Internet to look up anything. We relied on gaming magazines and I never saw Shadow of the Ninja covered.

It was easy to purchase a horrible video game when going just by the box art, but we lucked out as Shadow of the Ninja was top notch and the usual “NES tough.” I don’t think I ever finished it without the aid of the Game Genie. Regardless of my cheating ways as a kid, I still had a blast with this game and I think you will too. It comes highly recommended!

I purchased Shadow of the Ninja purely for myself once I started collecting. The first time was cartridge only back in May 2008. It was in fair condition. It was good enough for me to be cool with it. However, I did find it again (also cart only) in August 2010. This time the label was a bit better looking.

A third purchase of the game came from my favorite local game store, It’s About Games. They had a customer trade in quite a few mint looking NES titles and Shadow of the Ninja was one of them. I jumped at the chance to buy it. The full story about this purchase from last April can be read here.

I bought this complete in box copy for $33. It currently goes for $45.50.

Check out the Shadow of the Ninja gallery below and be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them for a closer look.





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