Online Streaming Dead If You Let It

Well they are at it again. By “they” I mean the United States government. By “it” I mean the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA as the name we’ve come to despise it by.

This new version is, once again, trying to be rammed through as so the public at large doesn’t notice. I don’t think most people would care anyway. They’re way too worried about how Ben Affleck will perform as Batman in a year or two.

What this newest version of SOPA does is make it a felony for anybody to stream copywritten material. This means the whole CBS Interactive website of would be found guilty and its users placed in prison for years to come.

And this is just one site.

Fight this now! Sign the petition this second!

Thank you.

One response to “Online Streaming Dead If You Let It

  1. Again, not a shock.

    The internet has been a Wild West of info and communication for almost two decades now. Governments, and their corporate cronies, don’t like having an informed population. People having access to that much info becomes a liability to their usual brain-washing.

    While the streaming of Copyrighted material wouldn’t count as ‘dangerous info’, the threat of imprisonment over it would slow web use to a crawl.

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