Hart & Usagi Podcast #35

On this 35th edition of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome new guest RivalShadeX to the show and talk about Duck Tales Remastered, Gamestop horror stories, and more. Check it out!!

* X-Men, Elysium, Jackie Brown
* Star Trek episodes
* Iwata Says Price Isn’t the Wii U’s Problem
* Annoyed Gamer: Everything Is Wrong
* Pixel art controllers coming from Hyperkin this September
* Retron 5
* Xbox One won’t require plugged-in Kinect, Whitten says
* Gamestop horror stories
* GameStop’s motion to dismiss used games class action lawsuit denied
* Jimquisition: Dragon’s Frown
* Senran Kagura Burst – Anime Trailer 3DS

Listen/Download (1:32:32)
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