Complete In Box Fridays: Axelay

This is something I decided to do on a whim. I don’t know how many I’ll do or how often, but it should be fun nonetheless.

What we find in complete in box in this first edition of CiB Fridays is Konami’s Super Nintendo shoot-’em-up Axelay.

The immediate wow factor of this title, especially if you saw it back at the time of release as I did, is its use of Mode 7 on the vertically scrolling stages. It’s probably the only real reason anybody even talks about it today. However it is a fantastic shoot-’em-up and it sadly never received a sequel.

A complete in box copy of Axelay is currently listed at $60.

Check out the photo below of my personal copy of the game. Make sure to click on it to enlarge the view.


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One response to “Complete In Box Fridays: Axelay

  1. Congrats!

    Though my step-Dad is still more of a U.N. Squadron fan, he did rent Axelay back in 1995 and enjoyed it quite a bit. I’ve played it, and would put it up there with Bio-Hazard Battle (Genesis/Mega Drive) and Gradius III.

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