Super Davis Bros.

It feels like it’s time for one of my patented now playing blog posts.

I noted a few weeks ago on Twitter that I was going to play some of what I called Ryan Davis games. These were listed on his profile on Giant Bomb for one reason or another. I’m doing so as a way to honor his memory as an awesomely entertaining gaming industry dude! First of three titles I decided to start was Super Mario Bros. 3. I specifically chose to play the visually upgraded port on the Super Nintendo via Super Mario All-Stars. I’ve never been very good at most of the games in the Mario series. I only think I’ve ever finished Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Land. As far as my SMB3 progress goes, I’m on World 8. I quickly did this by obtaining the two warp whistles in World 1, completing that world and half of World 2, and then using both whistles to warp to World 8.

I like that Super Mario All-Stars allows for the player to save their progress, but unfortunately it doesn’t save middle world progress. You have to complete an entire world in one sitting otherwise the save is no different. I doubt I’ll be seeing this title to the end, but at least it was great to revisit a classic.

Over on the likely close to finished Tomb Raider: Underworld, I’ve added an extra two hours on my runtime. I still haven’t found any runes, but I have collected the treasures whenever I can. I’m up to 118 out of 179. I also earned 73% of the game’s trophies. I’m at the beginning of another underwater section in the Arctic Sea. Go, Lara, go!

Another thing I asked about on Twitter was to choose one of the portable RPGs I owned from the list I provided. Of those @D_Fleischmann, @Gigastormz, and @Yokihana chose Dragon Warrior I & II (GBC), Golden Sun (GBA), and Dragon Warrior III, respectively.

I started on Dragon Warrior I. The memories of playing the NES version back in the day have come flooding back. I can’t remember everything, but the enemies and the overall layout of the overworld is still familiar after all these years. My current level is 9 with a total of 1,510 experience and I await for the moment when I can slay a Metal Slime without it running away.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

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