Hart & Usagi Podcast #34

On this edition of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we talk about our personal gaming collections, Ryan Davis, the Evolution fighting game tournament, and a few other things. Check it out!!

* Gaming collection, used games, bad games
* Gamescrap Cosmic Race review
* Ultra Street Fighter IV
* Ryan Davis; GameSpot GamePlay Episode 48, Giant Bombcast 07-09-2013
* EVO 2013
* Phil Fish
* Friends list
* When Trash Talk Puts You in Jail

Join us by listening in.

Listen/Download (1:32:12)
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One response to “Hart & Usagi Podcast #34

  1. I don’t know how many people are on my PSN friends list, but I know it’s more than 1, and I’ve only played with 1 online. I plan to change that number to 2 within the next month though, because I’m going to try and get a Max Anarchy session in with Mike, after I play through at least the Light story missions. I’m not sure what we’ll do though, because generally speaking I suck too! I don’t have time for effort though. ;)

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