Now Playing: July 2013

Over the past month of July I played six total games. Most of them, all but one, were multiplayer focused. You can read my mid-month happenings by checking out the blog posts Let Ratchet Fix Those Trophies and RivalShadeX and Gaming.

My main game as of late has been Tomb Raider: Underworld. It does continue the same style of gameplay that was present in the previous titles of Legend and Anniversary. There are some changes, of course. One of those things is the combat being easier than it already was, but the platforming, while still fun, does get a bit trickier. At least it has been for me. Jumping off of walls to get to higher points is a new ability Lara has here. It’s been sometimes difficult to know when you should be doing it.

New attacks have been granted. Lara can now melee, throw sticky grenades, and target up to two enemies at once. Like I said the combat is even easier this time around and I’m sure these additional moves proves that to you.

I’m currently 7 hours and 42 minutes into the game, but I don’t feel I’ve gotten very far. This has mainly to do with how long I’ve been in the Southern Mexico section of the game. I just arrived at the Land of the Dead portion and hope to move on soon.

Thanks for reading. Peace!

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