Ultra EVO 2013 Hype!

Street Fighter IV has been a very popular fighting game which has had several upgrades, most of them also showing up at your favorite retail video game store near you.

It all started in 2009 with the initial release and a year later Super Street Fighter IV was unleashed as a retail only upgrade. In 2011 the Arcade Edition upgrade went to retail as well as being available for digital download. A free downloadable only update was titled Ver. 2012 went out to fighting fans that December.

I hope you aren’t Street Fighter IV’d out just yet as Capcom announced at EVO 2013 that they’ll be releasing a brand new updated version of your favorite fighting game in early 2014. It’s going to be titled Ultra Street Fighter IV and will be available in the same two flavors the original Arcade Edition was, $15 digital release and $40 standalone retail edition.

The roster of playable fighters will gain five more characters (Poison, Hugo, Elena, and Rolento) which includes one brand new not-announced character. Six stages from Street Fighter X Tekken are making there way over. Extra modes and gameplay balancing too. Also included in the retail version of USFIV will be every alternate costume previously released totaling $40 on their own.

When the SFIV upgrades started appearing I opted to wait and eventually figured the last one was Arcade Edition. I waited just long enough to purchase AE in February of last year. All I’ve to say to Capcom is you motherfuckers, you tricked me. :P

* EventHubs news: Ultra Street Fighter 4 official trailer, logo and box art – will add brand new modes

* Official US Ultra Street Fighter IV page

3 responses to “Ultra EVO 2013 Hype!

  1. I still can’t believe there’s gonna be yet *another* version of SFIV! I would much rather they put that Street Fighter effort into Street Fighter V. Having said that, yeah, I’m gonna get it ’cause I’m a sucker.

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