Not Just About A Tournament

Recently Nintendo decided it was a good idea to take all advertising money from YouTube videos featuring their games. As you know, I think this is uncalled for.

This is along the same lines as demanding to get some of the profit of second-hand sales of any video game like doing the asinine online pass.

A few days ago Nintendo tried to block the EVO fighting game tournament from broadcasting any footage of the tourney for Super Smash Bros. Melee. The strong video game community came together and because of their efforts Nintendo relented in less than a day.

I know some people don’t see what the big deal is because they don’t care about some fighting game tournament. This thinking is problematic and toxic. Speaking out publicly against what Nintendo tried to do wasn’t about the EVO tournament. It was about being able to stream Nintendo’s games after you buy them. It’s the same thing with Microsoft and their DRM policies.

These companies try these seemingly no-causality moves, but the truth is that there is absolutely a causality. It’s your right to do what the fuck you want with what you bought. It’s a bigger issue of principle and not just a single moment about a tournament or DRM.

So do yourself a favor and look beyond the immediate issue at hand and also look beyond your personal interests to see the bigger problem facing us today and in the future.

2 responses to “Not Just About A Tournament

  1. Well, chalk it all up to the console makers’ greed.

    The 7th gen brought with it alotta shitty industry practices. On top of that, the cost of developing games became higher than producing most feature films. Instead of finding ways to trim costs, they’d rather pass the buck off to consumers. And the 8th gen is gonna be worse -mark my words.

    But, fanboys keep rewarding console makers and big publishers for it. They’ve allowed them to get away with this much. So why not take it another step?

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