Odds and Ends and Max Payne

Here’s a few odds and ends to wrap up which I didn’t have much to say about to dedicate a blog post to each item.

Last week I celebrated my birthday and I was given Max Payne 3 by Usagi704. The game didn’t feel like a must have like the first one did on PC back in 2001, but I still did want to play it. Speaking of the first game, I remember trying the demo and then buying it that very weekend to take back up to college with me.

I also decided to throw down $15 for Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. This is the usual digital release of older Capcom arcade games by Iron Galaxy Studios and is a compilations of Shadow Over Mystara and Tower of Doom. The presentation format is similar to that of Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and Darkstalkers Resurrection. I’m all about the classic arcade beat-’em-up genre and I hope to see some of you playing these two games soon!

Lastly, I have a gameplay video some of you might be familiar with, but I seemingly forgot to link to it at the time of upload in August 2011. It’s my gameplay of Alien Crush on the PSP and my score started at 219,270,300 and the video ends at 230,339,600.

Thanks for reading and watching!


3 responses to “Odds and Ends and Max Payne

  1. A belated Happy Birthday. Don’t know how I missed such an occasion, but I wish you a great year ahead nonetheless.

    Despite quite liking the first two Max Payne games, I still haven’t got around to playing the third one. I’ve heard some positive views regarding MP3 from Neon, but to me the game seems like a distant cousin to the first two, both in tone and style.

    Still, I’ve got enough faith on Rockstar’s storytelling to perhaps hope that this isn’t that much of a disappointment.

    • I’m not surprised the third Max Payne game is a bit different in feel. It was nine years after where as the first two titles were just two years apart.

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