Xbox One80

As I know everybody has heard yesterday, Microsoft preformed a 180° turn from their anti-consumer policies they planned on shoving down any gamer’s throats who dared to even want to purchase an Xbox One later this year.

I personally don’t understand what the point of the hard push of the DRM was if Microsoft was just going to reverse course so easily. It has also been revealed that an Internet connection for the initial setup of the system is still required despite the 24 hour check-ins not being a thing anymore. This is partly because a day one patch will be issued to deal with removing these restrictions, which sounds like they’re within the firmware. If they can easily remove them, then they can slowly reintroduce them too. I suspect MS eventually will do this and, as per usual, gamers in general will sadly accept it.

I’d hope those who hated Microsoft’s policies before don’t run back to them now. They need to suffer for even thinking they could go this asshole route. It’s another sad realization that a lot of people already reversed course themselves and pre-ordered the system. Why would you now purchase a system which is still going to have inferior hardware specs at $100 more? This price point isn’t going to change.

Overall regardless of how you ultimately feel please understand that Microsoft didn’t make this decision with you in mind. They still don’t give a fuck about you. They just want your money and they knew it wasn’t likely to get much of it with all of this negative press surrounding their Xbox One.

At least for the time being this is a win and we should definitely celebrate it. We made this happen! Congratulations us!

Joystiq news: Xbox One-80: Microsoft reverses Xbox One DRM features | Xbox One sticking with $499 price, Kinect still ‘core part’ of experience

One response to “Xbox One80

  1. Despite Microsoft’s ‘change of heart’, many people are just plain done with them. Hell, you already know how the 7th gen (PS3/360) drove me to the PC scene. The 8th gen is gonna definitely keep me there.

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