Quick Thoughts: PlayStation 4

The press conferences of E3 2013 have now wrapped up. While Microsoft did stick to games this time around that doesn’t make up for the completely bullshit anti-consumer practices that the Xbox One is built around. And when a gaming console is made to serve them and not you, it’s a piece of shit and it needs to be said…very loudly.

Sony, on the other hand, was their usual best. They kicked MS in the balls by simply not having any restrictions on used games at all. Period. There’s no fees, DRM, or any other garbage like this. It’s also not up to the publishers to add any of it either though I’m sure those (like Warner Bros.) will still have their online passes. Did I ever mention I hate online passes? Well I do. Fuck ’em.

Anyways, this was the best news out of Sony’s conference since great games mean nothing if you can’t play them or they have major restrictions to playing them.

On a bit of a downer, it’s official that playing games online via the PlayStation Network will require paying for PlayStation Plus. I don’t like this since it’s the same as Xbox Live in that it withholds the online modes of games you paid for until you pay again. It’s not like this is in place of my ISP bill. It’s in addition to it and serves as nothing more than a bridge toll. On a positive side, the amazing deals on PSN games are going to continue which is definitely more than I can say for the Xbox which literally has nothing else but the bridge toll.

The final nail in the coffin for MS was when Sony announced that the price of the PlayStation 4 is going to be $399. This is a crazy low price especially considering the PlayStation 3 started at $599 and is now just $50-100 below the starting price of the PS4. I’m sure this price point is also a big reason why playing games online now requires a cost.

Overall this is a much more of a positive outlook than the competition was giving us. I’m sure that in time I’ll be okay with being required to pay to play online, but I still doubt I’ll sign up since I rarely play online. I just really like it when it’s there and I don’t have to worry about it. I definitely wouldn’t have played Burnout Paradise for 427 hours total if I had to pay. By the way, you should join GPY this Friday in Burnout Paradise on the PS3 at 10pm EST. It’ll be a blast!

Please leave your thoughts on the PS4 announcement below. I’d love to hear what you have to say.


3 responses to “Quick Thoughts: PlayStation 4

  1. With Wii U being in a separate demographic (as ever shrinking as it is), and Microsoft pissing off their long-time fans, Sony has probably won the 8th gen. Irony is: the 8th gen is barely underway, and most gamers are pretty much underwhelmed.

    Well, looks like I’ll remain a PC gamer from here forward. The console makers have sealed the deal on my dislike of proprietary devices. Not like I didn’t see alotta this coming in the first place.

    • Microsoft and Sony and the only companies that really mattered in the current gen. MS decided to take itself out permanently before the new gen even started. They literally handed Sony the victory. All Sony had to do was take it and it sure looks like they did.

  2. It’s great to see a company that understands what gamers want. I, too, was not thrilled with having to be a PS Plus member to play online games, but that’s something I can deal with if and when I get a PS4. :)

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