VICTORY! EA’s Online Pass Dies

If you believe in the idea of Hell then it has frozen over today.

EA, the “OG” of the online pass, has announced that they will no longer use the online pass for their games. This comes to a surprise to me because it is EA after all and they love to make really bad business decisions on a regular basis.

This all started around 2010 when EA made false claims to need the extra $10 for server support and then Sony, Ubisoft, and THQ all jumped on board soon after. THQ didn’t die due to their online pass, but I’m sure it didn’t help. It is, however horrifying, one way to stop this practice.

Now we just need Sony and Ubisoft to see how pointless this whole thing was from the beginning and follow in EA’s footsteps. You know, just like they did three years ago.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to celebrate this victory!

VentureBeat: EA kills its controversial Online Pass program

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