Much Multiplayer

Outside of BioShock Infinite any game I’ve played has been with other mofos.

Roughly two weeks ago the Evil Guppies had themselves another event featuring Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I wasn’t planning on playing, but ended up doing so and having fun against RivalShadeX and usagi704. I mainly used M. Bison with some Guile thrown in. I was usually successful especially with the former. I’m sure I won most of my matches which surprised me.

While we’re still on a Street Fighter kick, I’ll bring up my local matches against SonicHomeboy, who was in town for other reasons. Playing Turbo HD Remix saw my use of Ken up against his Cammy. Getting the drop via crossups and waiting for jump ins lead to some victories until usagi704 crashed the party.

More fighting games happened with Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. SonicHomeboy and I played many matches in the three titles included. It’s clearly a series SB has little experience with. I do just because they were released during the fighting game craze of the early to mid ’90s and, hey, at least it wasn’t Time Killers we were trying to play. From Mortal Kombat 4 onward I know very little in comparison.

An additional completed game for 2013 was had by co-oping Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie on the Genesis with, you guessed it, SonicHomeboy. This beat-’em-up is fairly average, but still not as good as the MMPR SNES game developed by Natsume which, as you know by now, I quite like. There’s more story displayed here no doubt following said movie, but we didn’t stick around for that. Otherwise not a complete waste of time. It’s just simple fun with a friend.

My main game, as mentioned in the intro, is BioShock Infinite. I’m currently on chapter 21 in Shantytown. Sadly I have to admit I’m having a difficult time remembering much of what happened to type it up here. It’s a kind of a blur, but this isn’t the fault of the game. It’s still as excellent as ever. I’m just finding it hard to get time to play it this last week as noted by my current three days of not touching it once. The whole story about the Gunsmith is quite strange indeed and a definite turning point in the event that have played out so far.

That’ll do it for me as of this moment.


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3 responses to “Much Multiplayer

  1. That subplot involving gunsmith is definitely the core agent of change. The game begins to shift gears and slowly reveals what its’ true focus will be. Some folks I know were a little disappointed by that but I personally thought that after this the game really picks up speed and becomes even more chaotic — both in terms of action and narrative pacing.

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