Favorite Chrome Extensions

Several of them are the same from Firefox namely Adblock Plus, Copy Plain Text, DoNotTrackMe, and Weather Watcher Live. I suggest reading about them over here as there’s no reason to repeat what was said before.

* Abine TACO
This is from the same folks who as developed DoNotTrackMe. This extension allows for opting out of advertising networks who try to personalize the ads they force on you. Keep MORE Opt Outs also helps with this issue as well. I use both.

* Change Colors
It’s a simple way to darken brightly colored websites. When all you want is to lessen how much white many sites use, this will do the trick.

* Vanilla Cookie Manager
In a similar way to control the cookies you accept in Firefox with Cookie Controller, Vanilla Cookie Manager allows all through, but you can set the sites it saves and all others are deleted either manually or when Chrome closes.

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