Call of Duty 4 or No Call of Duty 4

Back in early October I happened into an ownership of a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII limited edition import PSP system. Of course, it also came with the game too. I noted in the comments at the time that I would likely sell the game to Usagi704 because of the language barrier. Well, that time has come.

Usagi704 came to me talking about how he was probably going to trade in his PS3 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for possibly Unreal Tournament III. I immediately thought of how little he’d get for CoD4 at a place like Gamestop. So I told him that I’d buy it off of him once I get my own PS3 system.

He then remembered that I still had the Japanese version of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. He offered to do an even trade for the two games. After thinking about it I went ahead with it and we called it a deal. Beat that Howie. XD

I have officially joined the current gaming generation. Now I just need the system.

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